Manoj Chopra (strongest man of India) from Bangalore, karnataka came to Shabaash India show. if we remember once he came to the show and he have folded the frying pan as a roll with his hands using his power and strength. this time he came again at the show. first he have shown a book which was having so much pages. he have tear that thick book in two parts with his powerful hands.

Then host hussain kuwajarwala said him to fold a big paper in eight folds. he also have done it completely. at last he said that he can break the “Hathkadi” which is used by police to tide hands of criminals. he called two persons from the audience to check the “Hathkadi” Properly. they said that it is impossible to break. Manoj Chopra used something protective thing on his Wrist and then his both hands was locked by that hathkadi. with in two or three try he has broken that hathkadi. that was so special performance. at last Manoj said that he want that he want to see India’s name will be more famous in wwf.

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