Mr. farook tatary came to the Shabaash India show with his father. he is also having a very special ability, which he have shown to the viewers. he said that his father is his teacher and guide. his father said that farook tatary will laid down and he will left three big Iron Knife from the height of 4-5 feet on his son’s stomach.

First Mr. romy tatary who is father of farook shown the demonstration of that sharp Knifes. he dropped them from 4-5 feet height to the wooden stand. Knife was also tested on a big water melon.

Then Mr. farook tatary laid down to the floor and in same way those three Knifes was dropped on his stomach from a height of 4-5 feet by his father Romy ji.that was really Interesting and eyeopener performance that how strong his stomach is. Mr. farook tatary said that he is doing this from a long time when he was only seventeen (17) years old. after marriage his wife force him to not perform these type of risky activities.

Farook Tartary’s daughter also came to the Shabaash India and she said that she never fear about what his father performs. she said that she feels proud on his father.

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