The team of shabaash India gone to Manorath Building of goregaon, Mumbai where A Girl Sneha lives. she is a very strong girl. she got many certificates from Gurgaon Gymkhana Club. she have made her stomach very stronger with exercise and yoga etc. she shown stunts that shown much stronger her stomach muscles. she taken position and then other person kicked on her stomach. second time some girls laid down on the ground and in a line. then one person walked step by step on there stomach. There was many long sugarcane.

One by one a lot of sugarcane was broken on her stomach. every time a person who was standing near, catches a long sugarcane and hit it to her stomach. then that sugarcane was broken in two peaces from the middle. so many sugarcane were broken in a very short time. that was so nice stunt shown by sneha. at last a cack was there and every one celebrated that victory like a good celebration.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Where to see that?

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