Children love to listen to stories and there is hardly anyone of us who have not heard bedtime stories during our childhood. Storytelling for Kids have mind altering effects on children and help them to learn values and principles at a very early age. These inspiring and entertaining stories have always been successful in building a special bong between parents and children. Not only at home but in schools also Storytelling for Kids have become quite popular.

Storytelling for Kids with Moral :

India has a rich tradition of Storytelling for children and has been practiced from ancient times. These stories have not only helped in framing the society we live in today but also have made a remarkable contribution in preserving our ancient culture and its traditions. Several texts and scriptures were written in antiquity, which have been very well preserved. Some of these scriptures consist of stories that have been specially meant for children.

Some of the most famous stories that we hear today have been taken from Panchatantra, Jataka and Hitopadesh. These are the famous texts of ancient India which have numerous interesting stories and each story has a moral. Some other stories that are common today include stories of Indian mythology, India’s festival, India’s great people, etc. These stories generally highlight the positive aspects of life and human virtue, which gives children with a message to always follow the path of good.

Storytelling for children generally consists of stories that have all sorts of characters at different situations. These characters can either be animals, human beings or gods. One of the most important things to keep in mind with regard to Storytelling for Kids is to deliver or narrate these stories in an expressive and interesting manner. This helps in increasing the excitement, amazement and curiosity in children. Today there are several books, cassettes, CDs, DVDs and websites of Storytelling for children. It has become pretty easy to get any kind of story you want for your child.

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