A lady Madhu Lakhotia came to Shabaash India show and she is having her name in limca book of records also. she can sing reverse. madhu came to the show with her daughter shruti. shruti said that she feels proud that her mother can do this. madhu is singing in this style from when she was only 8- 10 years old. Madhu can sing any song in reverse order, mean she cannot change the tune of any song. she can do reverse the characters of the lyrics of song. the example of her singing style is below.

The Original song is -
“Jane kahan mera jigar gaya ji, abhi abhi yahi tha kidhar gaya ji”

And she can sing this in reverse order like -
“neja hank rame ragaji yag ji, bhi a bhi a hiya tha ra dha ki yag ji”

She sung some songs on the platform of Shabaash India like – kajrare kajrare tere kare kare naina, kajra mohabbat wala aakhiyo mein aisa dala, banke tera jogi and jane kahan mera jigar gaya ji. Madhu ji is really a very talented woman and what she have done, is a very difficult thing to do.

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  1. ubaid khan says:

    please give me a chance to sing reverse song, as Madhu lakhotia has done before. I can sing every type of hindi songs in same music, either the song is fast or slow which I will sing. I request you to give chance to me also. Aap koi bhi song original way me gaate jayenge, mai us song ko at the moment aap ke saath reverse karke gaa sakta hoon. so please please give me one chance. Thank you. Waiting for your reply.

  2. falguni mukherjee says:


    even i can do the same i can not only sing in reverse but i can do this in five different languages. hindi,english,bhojpuri,mathili and bangla .i perform on audience choice

  3. ankit biloriya says:

    dear all, i can also do it with hindi song within seconds……even secon is more time to do it….i can do it on public demand.
    ankit biloriya

  4. Bharadwaj says:

    I tried one song to sing in 4 languages.i can also sing songs in reverse.i have learnt hindi breathless in reverse

  5. Bharadwaj says:

    Talent shows are very interesting one because everythng wil be new to audience

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