This is yet another performance by a person who have taken training from S.K. Raja of Mumbai. Kamlesh Lokhande came and said that he will stop Running motorcycles with skin of his Mouth. he said that he taken inspiration from his guru S. K. Raja.

Kamlesh Lokhande said that he arrange bicycle shows in mumbai. His guru S. K. Raja inserted a big Needle in Kamlesh Lokhande mouth horizontally. then a cloth was tied to it with two bikes which was having reverse direction and two more bikes are also there which was also in a reverse direction and kamlesh was holed them with his hands. it mean there are four bikes in different directions.

Stunt was going to start. One Doctor check him and said that he is fiscally fit to perform. motorcycles are started and pull with a force. but kamlesh was holding them. kamlesh have hold two motorcycles with his hands and two with that big needle which was inserted in his mouth. during last time he was also fall down but he have completed the stunt. after he complete the stunt doctor checked him and given necessary treatment. at last that needle was shown to viewers.

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