There was another stunt was pictured at Gurgaon gymkhana club. here A young girl Rina swami have shown her talent of gymnastic on Mallakhamb & Rope. she climb on that rope and then she shown her talent. she made rounded roll that rope in to her legs and shown some different acts.

Then she made roll of that rope in her neck and then she hang with that rope that thing was looking like a Fansi ka fanda. she hold this position for thirty seconds and then she came back to floor.

One Doctor was also there for checkup and he told that her heart beating and pulse rates are normal. One normal reddish mark was made by that tension of rope in her neck and doctor said that after some hours this will be gone. it is temporary mark and made because of tension of that rope. What Rina Swami have done was not an easy thing, it is having so much risk and need more practise and experience.

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    Where can I see that?

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