One more boy was awarded by Shabaash India Bravery Award on the Shabaash India tv show. Rahul Chaurasia from Lucknow, Utter pradesh came to the show with his Grand father. he is a very brave boy and awarded here for his bravery.

Once rahul and his mother was at home. some thieves came and attacked on them. During the incident his mother was killed by thieves and rahul chaurasia was also injured seriously. but injured boy came out from his home and told all things to his neighbors and said them to help.

after that he have helped local police to arrest those thieves. host of Shabaash India Hussain Kuwajerwala talked to him about that incidence at the show. later he was also awarded by National Bravery Awards and here now he got the Shabaash India Bravery Award also.

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