The heading Beading Pearls On To A Thread In Mouth is really interesting and true. Kishan Jugglar Hydarabaadi from Mumbai Maharashtra Came to the stage of Shabaash India. he was wearing a different dress. he was having so many different colour pearls in his hand. he put them all in to his mouth and then inserted a normal thread in his mouth. the second end of that thread was out from the mouth.

He start beading one by one pearls in his mouth with help of his tongue. every time he keeps out one by one pearl from his mouth and that every pear stopped at the other end of that thread which was out of his mouth. he have completed beading of those pearls. total sixty one pearls he have Bead en in that thread. that was really amazing thing. Kishan Jugglar Hydarabaadi have done so good thing here.

He have also shown his second item. he have taken a Bhanwara. he spin that with help of a small rope. then he put that spinning bhanwara on to the tip of a stick then he catch the another end of that stick with his mouth. that item number was also so good.

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