At Kali cut of kerala, India Dilip Kumar (karate Expert) shown his talent to the viewers of Shabaash India. there was a Hugh arrangement at a place, where he was making another tile breaking 6000 Tiles on human body record.

Dilip Kumar was learning marshal arts and karate from a long time, about 24 years. his daily routine starts with running and hard exercise.

Did u remember Jai kumar gohil who have done same type of thing on another episode of Shabaash india. he was made record of 830 Tile Breaking On Human Body. dilip kumar is also doing same like him but dilip’s target is to reach at the 6000 Tile. First dilip shown that he is not wearing anything extra on his body to the peoples. then the team members started to break those tiles on the different parts of his body like shoulders, waist and stomach. he made a record which was not possible for any other person. Really that was so special and so amazing.

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