Did you remember visitors once Mr. yogendra yadav has made a record of 200 needles piercing in his body at Shabaash India show. his record was broken now by Mr. Dhananjay Jagtap of raigarh Maharashtra. he came on the platform of Shabaash India, he said that he have played national level and also doing regular practise.

Dhananjay Jagtap said that his last highest record was of 521 needles and this time he decided to make a record of 1000 needles piercing in his body. Dr. harish dhuri was also there and he said that bleeding and infections are the major risks so he have to be careful.

Dhananjay said that he want to be a famous person in India and by doing this stunt his academy, city or himself will make a place in every one’s heart. he was prepared for pain of needles. then his two-three friends started to piercing the needles one by one in his body. the tip of the needle was inserted every time on his body. Hussain kuwajerwala also said him that he can say to stop anytime whenever he feel that’s enough. but he have not stopped. finally the target of 1000 needles was completed by him. there was so many needles on his waist, legs and shoulders.

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